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This certification allows Tapon Corona to work along with the US government to enforce security against terrorism and illegal trade. Assuring that our supply chain is also part of this certification.




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What is C-TPAT?

C-TPAT is a joint initiative between the American government and the private sector which aims to build cooperative relationships that strengthen security throughout the supply chain and border security. C-TPAT recognizes that Customs can provide the highest level of security through close cooperation between the owners of the supply chain: importers, carriers, customs brokers, warehouses, and manufacturing companies. Through this initiative, Customs is asking the importers in the United States, to strengthen their security practices and communicate their business partners along the supply chain, its guidelines with regard to safety.


* Reduction in the number of inspections and waiting in line.

* Access to C-TPAT members using the SVI (Status Verification Interface).

* Monitoring and autonomous security policy.

* Eligibility to access the FAST lane.

* Carriers certified C-TPAT are beneficial to perform expeditiously the process of analyzing the load on the FAST lane.

* As a member of the program are eligible to attend seminars organized by CBP C-TPAT.

* To keep your system running, companies prevent losses due to theft and reduce the possibility of being used by the illicit trade to smuggle goods into the United States.

* Membership in C-TPAT is a value added service to increasing the number of customers.