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We invite you to know more about our history.

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Tapón Corona was founded in 1936 and at the time was based on the streets of Isabel la Católica in downtown Mexico City and since 1995 is located at its current location in Avenida de los Angeles 303-A, Colonia San Martin Xochinahuac of Delegation Azcapotzalco.

With the birth of the crown cap, emerged an agglomerated cork factory which at that time was required in the production of cork discs for bottle caps; then however, the improvement of the manufacturing processes provided as of today the use of plastic for the manufacture of the bottle caps with even higher quality standards, which is why our company has been positioned in the market exporting 75% of its production making Tapón Corona an expert in the export area.

The quality of our product has earned the certification of our processes by different customers and quality systems agents complying on all various national and international standards, consolidating our position as an exporter of high quality products and top of the line service to our customers.

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