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At Tapon Corona we have the necessary infrastructure and the systems to guarantee the quality for our customers from the design of the crown cap to the post sale service.

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At Tapón Corona, quality goes into the product we sell as well as the service we deliver, we are compromised to be the best crown manufacturer, developing and implementing a high quality system towards delivering and satisfying our customer’s expectations.

Our Principles

1. Customer’s Perspective
Our business depends on our customers, therefore we understand their current and future needs and look forward to satisfy their requirements and our challenge is to exceed their expectations.

2. Leadership
Our leaders establish a solid organization which preaches an unitity to create and maintain a comfortable atmosphere, in which all personnel could participate and achieve all company´s goals.

3. Employees Participation
All employees in different levels are the essence of our organization and their commitment is that their abilities and skills are used for Tapón Corona’s benefit.

4. Processes Oriented
Our results are accomplished easily and with effectiveness by working thru a guidance process.

5. Administration based on systems and procedures
We identify, understand and administrate all related processes as a system, supporting with effectiveness and efficiency in our organization to achieve our objectives.

6. Continuous Improvement
Our main objective of a continuous improvement is a strategic method of a permanent business relationship.

7. Take decisions based on facts
Our decisions are effective and have been based always in the analysis of data and information.

8. Supplier relationship which is of mutual benefit
Our organization and its suppliers are independent therefore a mutual beneficial relationship increases the ability of both to create true value.