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There are 8 values in Tapón Corona in which we firmly believe and have contributed to success in the production of crown caps in the national and international markets.

These attributes not only constitute the essence of our brand, but our employees have adopted as their own for all aspects of their lives.

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Our Values


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Technical and human development of our personnel:
Being the best worker with the best working environment.

Compromise with the Customer:
Achieve and exceed the customer’s requirements always with a service attitude.

Quality and Productivity:
Improve day to day what we do with innovation and creativity.

Honesty, Loyalty and Integrity:
Act in a consistent manner in what we say and what we do, respecting each other and encouraging a high degree of loyalty to our work source.

Share the benefits with customers, workers and stock holders coming from our joint effort.

Respect to our Environment:
Take care of our environment with the goal of keeping the ecological balance as a prove of respect to life and the planet.

Keep our physical integrity and maintain that of our work source providing security and tranquility to our families, community , company and customers.

Attitude and Love to the Job:
To feel the satisfaction daily through the knowledge of achieving total commitment on our part to our team.